Why I Decided to Buy a Motorized Longboard: My Electric Skateboard Story

Why I Decided to Buy a Motorized Longboard: My Electric Skateboard Story

Everyone’s reason and or personal journey that leads them to buy a motorized longboard is different and unique.  Here’s the story of my personal evolution that lead me to buy an electric skateboard.

As a young boy I remember always having an affinity for the “Skater Life” and wanting to be apart of that community.  After many months of doing extra chores and lots of pleading to my parents, they finally agreed to purchase my first skateboard. I was over the moon with excitement.  I’ll never forget it was a wide-deck with large orange wheels.  The graphic was amazing, it was a skull with wings.

I immediately began experimenting with my skateboard and trying to learn tricks.  My first “trick” was the “Superman”, where I would lie belly down on the board and roll down hill.  From there, my tricks evolved and soon I was on my way to develop a more “Street Skate” style.

Motorized _Longboard _Electric_Skateboard

As my talent evolved, so did my boards.  I moved from a flat deck to a more concave one with a slight lift on the nose of the deck.  It wasn’t quite a “pro” grade skateboard, but it sufficed for the time.

However, as my passion grew, I began reading up on all of the professional skaters and learning more about the pro-grade options available when putting together a high-quality skateboard. I really began to embrace the culture and it became apparent in my new skateboards,  style of clothing, music and attitude.

After many years of skating in my twenties, my body was starting to feel the pressure.  As I entered my 30’s I began to look into other options to enjoy skating, but in a more relaxed and casual way.  That lead me to longboards.  Well, first I was lead to the woman I married, who introduced me to the smooth ride of the longboard.

Being able to enjoy beautiful sunny days along the beaches of Southern California, while longboarding with my wife was a great pass time.  I soon began to prefer the ease and ride of the longboard so much that I began using it as my main mode of transportation to and from work in the busy metropolitan area of downtown Los Angeles. 

Motorized _Longboard _Electric_Skateboard

I began hearing more and more buzz about electric skateboards.  So naturally I had to learn more about them.  This discovery was life changing.  It would mean that my commutes to and from work on hot days, would would require less physical exertion.  This was awesome!

So I began to do some research on the different motorized longboards that were available at the time, and that’s when I discovered the Atom brand electric skateboards.  This brand was designed by riders.  They really stood out to me because not only were they reasonably priced, but they didn’t sacrifice quality in order to provide an affordable motorized longboard.

Well into my thirties now, I am still a believer in the electric skateboard.  My motorized longboard provides me an economical commute to and from work, as well as a fun pass time during my off time.  This has been a great journey, and couldn’t be happier with my personal evolution from the traditional skateboard to the motorized longboard.

Ric Angel 02/23/2018.